As seat of government and international centre of peace and justice The Hague has always had a strong attraction to secret agents, spies and shady characters. Join the ‘The Hague Spy Walk and hear about The Hague as a city of spies. Walk together with historian Edwin Ruis through pretty neighbourhoods along addresses of spies and secret services. Hear at the spot what they were up to or how they ended.


The ‘The Hague Spy Walk’ centres around spy history of the First and Second World War. You will see the house of Mata Hari, the office of a British secret agent who got trapped by the Nazis, a SS-spy and sabotage school, a monument to the deadly Englandspiel or England Game between the German Abwehr and the British SOE, and the house of Holland’s arguably most successful intelligence officer and odd-job-man to Queen Wilhelmina. After this walk The Hague will never be the same.


Information about the The Hague Spy Walk:


Start: 13.00 hrs. on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Duration: ca. 2.5 hours (no break).

Distance: ca. 5 KM.

Necessary: healthy legs and ov-chipcard (we will take a short tram ride and you will need to get back).


At this time the English version is only available for group bookings. For more information please contact me here.