What is the Netherlands? Is it the same as Holland? Or the Low Countries? And why is its people called the ‘Dutch’ by the English? Why is Amsterdam the capital, but does the King and the government reside in The Hague? For foreigners this might seem a bit confusing and complicated. Therefor…


Walk with me through the heart of The Hague. And along our walk we will pass historical statues and buildings and I will tell you the answers to the above questions and more. Learn in the fresh air about the emergence of the Netherlands as a sovereign political entity headed by the Royal House of Orange-Nassau.


You can book this history walk as a group with a minimum of 6 participants. Costs € 20 per person. Duration 2 hours.


This English spoken history walk is suitable for you if,

  • You are an expat or tourist interested in an introduction to Dutch history.
  • You want to know more about the city of The Hague.
  • You are fit enough to walk a mile or two.

If you want to book or have questions, you can contact me here.